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Company law and company procedures


Economic activity can be carried out primarily in one of the company types, and companies registered abroad can resolve, in addition to establish an independent company, to found a branch office or commercial representative office in Hungary. Companies, branch offices and commercial representative offices are registered at the Court of Registration of the company’s seat, which exercises legality supervision over operation of companies as well.

Companies are obliged to represent themselves by counsel before Courts of Registration. We can represent companies on the entire territory of Hungary in the company procedure in view of the fact that company procedure is fully implemented electronically and geographical distance does not result in any extra time or cost.

In Hungary articles of association and their amendments shall be countersigned by a lawyer, notary public’s assistance is not required.

Our Office provides professional help in selecting the appropriate company type and will make all the documents necessary for founding the company or branch office or commercial representative office, whichever is selected.

Once a company has been founded, in numerous cases it becomes necessary to amend the articles of association, which can be carried out with a lawyer’s assistance as well.
Our Office will be at your service both in fast administration of simple amendments (changes in specific data) and conducting registration procedure of more significant company changes (transformation, assignment of business shares, reduction of capital).

We consider it our primary task to help our clients with specialist legal advice in making strategic decisions relating to founding companies and amendments and call their attention to aspects outside company law. We pay special attention to working out the most suitable solution with the assistance of a tax expert if necessary.

We are aware that after strategic decisions have been made, drafting company documents and conducting the company procedure pursuant to such decisions is considered by our clients administrative background activity; it is not this but business activity that our clients want to deal with. Therefore, our aim is to use our clients’ time as little as possible after giving advice and making decisions and prepare everything to ensure efficient implementation of the company procedure, acting proactively in the background.

We issue documentation in addition to Hungarian, in German or English, as requested by the client; upon the client’s request, we shall make the documentation in other languages with the assistance of specialist translators.

We send completed materials to our clients in e-mail, we clear up possible questions via e-mail or by phone, to finalise the documentation; thus reducing the time needed for signatures requiring personal presence.

Foreign clients do not need to travel to Hungary even to sign documents; in this case we send detailed information on the steps to be taken.

Should you have any further questions regarding company types or the procedure, please, write us an e-mail stating your questions and requests.